We Manufacture!

Did you know we are a Manufacturer?

Almost every product in our yard is made at our plant in West Kelowna, BC. This allows us to ensure we always have inventory in stock when you need it, and we can custom build precast concrete products to fit your specific needs.


We also know Retaining Walls:

Our staff are knowledgeable about retaining walls, and can help you plan your wall.
We carry everything you need to build:

  • Base and Backfill Material
  • Drainage Pipe
  • Geo-textile reinforcment
  • Blocks & Caps

We also carry a system for those of you wanting a more economical block:

This system has been developed and patented in Canada, and is manufactured locally. This is a unique, one-block system that is easy for both the professional contractor and the home-owner to install.

We Sell Sand & Gravel!

  • 1" minus Road Crush
  • 1" Fracture (Drain Rock)
  • 1" minus Round (Concrete) Rock
  • 3/8" Round Rock- Pea Gravel
  • Bedding Sand (Coarse)
  • Masonry Sand (Fine)

We can deliver up to 4 yards at a time, please call for a quote!

Stone Essence Concrete Stain:

Check out our concrete stain system that is easy to apply and environmentally friendly. It is a water soluble stain that has no VOC's and won't peel, chip, or crack. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and it's available in a wide range of colours.
Application is easy, simply mix the concentrated colour with water to the desired dilution in a spray bottle, and spray onto the concrete!
See the Photo Gallery page for samples.